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Hi there! My name is Liza and this blog is my shrine to the best heta-pairing of all times - DenNor (and don't you dare to convince me otherwise). Actually, this blog is dedicated to all the nordics. Also, I post my art here sometimes. And feel free to message me, I am always happy to make new friends!
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Denmark ═╬ Norway ╬═ Iceland
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  • Shh. You're amazing and I love your blog. Don't even worry about it, because however it came out is one of a kind and cannot be replicated. Ever. Not even by yourself.

    Asked by Аноним

    Oh, thank you for nice words, anon. It’s just I am not saying that my art looks like crap (well, maybe not all of it). Maybe it is drawn not bad, but now I look at my drawings and I find them completely boring and uninteresting.  I mean, they don’t have some kind of IDEA. Whatever I draw, it is just an insipid and ordinary picture. I don’t want to look like an attention whore, it is just that I don’t really have somebody to talk with, so I put on my blog all the random crap that comes to my mind. And thank you again.

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