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Hi there! My name is Liza and this blog is my shrine to the best heta-pairing of all times - DenNor (and don't you dare to convince me otherwise). Actually, this blog is dedicated to all the nordics. Also, I post my art here sometimes. And feel free to message me, I am always happy to make new friends!
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  • So, I finished the game and have got the worst ending (shortened the gameplay by killing Granny Rags and not even meeting Slackjaw). Well, that’s just one big NOPE. I felt so bad killing everyone and seeing the consequences of what have I done in the ending :c And the worst thing (in my case Calista were there too).

    Also, as I have been playing stealthy-shmealsy all the time before, it turned out that I suck at the infightng. And, I have to admit, killing your enemies from the rewired watchover is FUN :D



    In 1666 the Portuguese minister-resident in the Dutch republic had his household goods seized for debt; and when, two years later, he attempted to leave for Portugal his creditors secured a court order for his arrest.

    Someone didn’t get laid that decade.

    first of all, I am so sorry for this but—





    and so…




    anyway, they got him to court…



    Someone totally got laid that decade.

    (со страницы aphnetherland)


    looks like everybody’ got their hetalia au, i want one too, at least in a sketch

    So, in Skyrim AU Denmark is a member of The Companions, also he is in The Circle too (spoilers - he’s a werewolf). Den wears a set of wolf armor, his favorite weapon is stalhrim battleaxe (‘cause it’s fabulous). Mastered skills are block, heavy armor and two-handed weapon (so, just a typical warrior pfff). He lives in Jorrvaskr with the other companions, drinking ale and doing all the nasty job (“oh, somebody is missing again in a falmer cave, nah, let denmark do this”). But he likes it.

    (со страницы chlomidomonada)

    I want to get the worst ending in Dishonored, but I am too kind for this, I don’t want to kill people and I don’t want Samuel and others to hate me T_T I already finished the game like five times and always with the good ending.. 


    In case you ever wondered why Russia says “Kol, Kol”

    -From Hetalia Paint It, White Extras - The Hidden History Hidden Within Hetalia

    I always thought he says kol kol because the word “кол” means that peaked wooden thing (what’s its name in english?). And kolkhoz wasn’t actually the worst thing in Russia. At first, yes, it was a terrible phenomenon of government’s unreal ambitions. But they existed pretty long and disappeared with the USSR, where they were developted quite good, both of my parents had kolkhoz practise in university (agriculture one). So, that’s just my thoughts.

    (со страницы built-fjord-tough)

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